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Moscatel Macabeo White - Iylia – IYLIA

IYLIA Moscatel Macabeo White


Our IYLIA Moscatel-Macabeo white wine is made with Moscatel and Macabeo grape varieties grown in the Valencia region of Spain. The Macabeo grape lends itself to this wine’s fresh, crisp features, while the incredibly aromatic Moscatel, which is a sherry grape, brings this blend the fruity notes you’ll taste in the long, smooth finish. We bring you this combination after aging it in stainless steel barrels to further enhance the crisp flavors that blend beautifully for a lively, fruity, and refreshing white wine.

Golden crystalline light-green/ yellowish tone.

Incredible aroma of ripe lemon, sorbet, and lychee.

Very easy to drink. Surprising, fruity, rich, and long finish.

Food Pairing
Ideal pairing with fish, seafood, and grilled vegetables.

Best served Chilled